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Isnin, 26 Disember 2011

Jason & Orked Story : Part 1 - WEEWEECHU

  by Hassan Abd Muthalib

One beautiful December night, JASON & ORKED were sitting by the side of the Klang River. In spite of the mud in the river, the stars in the sky were still reflected in it. This was a source of wonder for them both but like true Malaysians, they fervently whispered, 'Malaysia Boleh!' Then -

ORKED:  Hey, sayang. Let's play weeweechu .

  JASON:  (Getting closer to her). Oh no, not now.

ORKED:  C'monlah, sayang! It's been a great year for Yasmin!

  JASON:  What do you mean?

ORKED:  Too much char kuay teow has addled your brain.

  JASON:  But I thought Mukhsin didn't win at the Malaysian Film Fest & Anugerah   

ORKED:  Not that onelah!

 JASON:  Wah! Mukhsin so far got 5 international awards. Berlin, 2 awards; Best
                 ASEAN film at Cinemanila; NETPAC award in Jakarta; latest one in
                 Switzerland. Fuyoo!  Grandfather nyamuk award, huh!

ORKED:  Also Yasmin got Retrospectives in international fests like Tokyo;
                 Thessaloniki, Greece, and Golden Horse in Taiwan; Osaka Asian Film Fest &
                 also at University of Hawaii.

  JASON:  See, I told you Malaysia Boleh! Sepet also got international awards at Creteil.

ORKED:  That one nyamuk festlah!

  JASON:  Heh, heh! What about the Best Asian Film award at the 2006 Tokyo
                 International Fest? And being on 2 international juries?

ORKED:  Er – uh –. Looks like Yasmin is the most internationally-honoured mainstream
                 Malaysian director. How come no recognition for her here?

  JASON:  Maybe next yearlah. Malaysia Boleh!

ORKED:  How come Yasmin don't want to enter Mukhsin in KL International Fest?

  JASON:  That's what the newspapers want you to believe! Especially, (whispers) with
                  that joker in one newspaper.   

ORKED:  (In horror). You mean – he's still around? The floods didn't wash him away?

  JASON:  You so bad one! (Whispers). Next year we'll give him an all-expenses paid
                  trip to the East Coast. During the monsoon.

ORKED:  Oi, you lagi teruklah! You security threat! (Whispers). I'll pay half of it! So
     why Mukhsin not entered in KL Fest? The film belongs to Grand Brilliance
     not Yasmin.

  JASON:  Mukhsin not in the five films in finals for Malaysian Film Fest so the
                  organizing committee agreed not to submit it.

ORKED:  Enough of the depressing news. Let's sing!

JASON/ORKED:  Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
      Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
      Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
      And a Happy New Year!

DAVID TEH O:  (Offscreen): Mau masat, ka?


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